32 Rodrick Raine 30 Dark Yellow 5 feet 9 Inches Obtd[1]freedom by –missing–    in Montgy[2] Court as Per Certift[3]from Sd[4] Court } 27thDecember 1820
33 Anne Primus 38 Dark Yellow 5 feet 8 inches —- Same —- 27thDecember 1820
Chls Bannister

Son of Esthur Bannister

24 Dark Yellow 5 feet 8 inches a scar on the right cheek Born Free by Information from Chs[5]  Beals Esqr[6] 13th  June —- 1820
34 Grief Scott[7] —- 29 Dark Yellow —- 5 feet 3 1/2inches high No scars visibile Born free as Pr Certifi   ication Court of Goochland Cty[8] —- 8th October 1821
35 Joshua Hill 32 Bright Yellow 6 feet high — 5 feet 10 inches Born free as PrCertifed[9] from Court of Pitsylvania & Son of Deborah Paince  } 13thJune 1822
36 Sarah Maun 25 Black —- 5 feet 4 inches high Scar on her right arm —- } Born free as PCertifed From Clk Louisa Cty Court —- 18thMarch 1823
37 Tom —- 41 Black —- 5 feet 11 inches 1/8 piece cut off left ear Scar across left hand Free as PCertifte from Court of Mythe Cty —- } 13thJune 1823
38 Fanny Fendley 35 Brown Colour 4 feet 11 1/2inches —- born free as Pr  Certifte  from Count Powhaton County —- 13thJune 1823
39 Polly Pagee —- 28 Bright Mulatto 5 feet 5 inches high —- Free as Pr Certifw from Court of Bedford —-} 7th Augt1823
40 Daniel Pagee 25 dark Mulatto 5 feet 8 inches high Free as PrCopy Judgt[10] as Of court of appeals —- 7th Augt1823 = Decree dated the 22of June 1811
41 WmFreeman[11] 22 Black —- 5 feet 9 inches & half high – no apparent marks —- Born free as PrCertifed From Goochland Court 28thAugt 1823




Date:             1820-23

Subject:        Registry of Botetourt County’s Free Black Population

Author:        Unknown

Keywords:   1800s, Free Black Registry, Bannister, Fendley, Freeman, Hill, Maira, Pagee, Primus, Raine, Scott, Emancipation, Born free

Summary:      Part of Botetourt County’s collection of free black registries, this document was written from 1820 to 1823. The registry lists an individual’s name, age, color, stature, how and when they gained freedom, their number within the registry, and when they were registered.

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[1]Obtd an abbreviation for obtained.

[2]Montgy an abbreviation for Montgomery county.

[3]Certif t  an abbreviation for certificate.

[4]Sdan abbreviation for said.

[5]Chs an abbreviation for Charles.

[6]Esqran abbreviation for esquire.

[7]Grief Jones (m. Patsy Jones 1817): only records found are within the Botetourt County Personal Property Tax List, beginning in 1818 Jones is recorded as having 1 tithe in his final tax record in 1822 Grief is recorded as owning 2 horses. http://www.freeafricanamericans.com/botetax.htm

[8]Ctyan abbreviation for county.

[9]Certifed  an abbreviation for certified.

[10]Judgt an abbreviation for judgement.

[11]William Freeman: only records found are within the Botetourt County Personal Property Tax List, the first record of Freeman is found in 1799 in which he is recorded as having 1 tithe and 1 horse. Freeman is not found within the records again until 1809 in which he is again listed with 1 tithe and 2 horses. http://www.freeafricanamericans.com/botetax.htm