No Names Age Colour Stature by whom & what Court Emancipated or born free Date of Register &


42 Stephen alias

Stephen Wilson[1]

      by Decree ChanY[2]Court Richmond January 7th 1820 December 31824
43 Reason Mayhue —- 23 Yellow 6 feet 2 inches hig Born free —- Potter —- No particular marks percievable
44 Israel Ford —- 22 Dark


5 feet 5 inches Small Scar on right side of his nose a scar about 1 or 1 1/4 inches in length on right side of his forehead one Scar between 1st  & 2nd Joint of the forefinger on left hand Born Free as certified from the County Court of Bedford Certificate dated 29th of November 1826 Febuary 9th 1828
45 Charity Cousins —- 19 Black 5 and 1/2 inch high Born free as certified from the County Court of Henrico Certificate dated 11th May 1814 August 13th 1828
46 Celia Pegee[3]—- —- Mulatto 5 feet 6 Inches high free by a Decree of the Court of appls[4] Dated  22nd June 1811 9th Septemr[5] 1828
47 Zekiel Mahue —- 23 Mulatto 5 feet 8 Inches high Born free —- registered by order of Court SeptemeTerm 1828
48 Mary Jane Martin 17 Same 5 feet 6 Inches high Born free —- Same Court
49 Horace Pell —- 25 Mulatto 5 feet 8 inches high a scar on the back of his right hand one just over his left eye brow one in his forehead Just above the nose one on the instep of his right foot Born free as certified from Court of Hustings Certifte Dated 23 June 1820 22ndDecember 1828




Date:             1824-1828

Subject:        Registry of Botetourt County’s Free Black Population

Author:        Unknown

Keywords:   1800s, Free Black Registry, Cousins, Ford, Martin, Mahue, Pegee, Pell, Wilson, Emancipated, Born free

Summary:    One of Botetourt county’s collection of free black registries, this document was written from 1824 to 1828. The registry lists the individuals name, age, color, stature, how and when they gained freedom, their number within the registry, and when they were registered.

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[1]Stephen Wilson (b. 1781-?) http://www.veerhuis.org/cgi-bin/family?family=F31090

[2]Chanyan abbreviation for Chancery.

[3]Pegee is possibly a variation of the name Pagee.

[4]Appls anabbreviation for appeals.

[5]Septemr an abbreviation for September.