No Names Age Colour Stature & by Whom & What Court Emancipated or Born free Date of Register & Occurences
60 Marvel Rideout 17 Black 4 feet 4 Inches high a small scar on the left hand Born Free Registered by order of Court

October Term 1829

61 Burttey Rideout 11 Black 5 feet 4 Inches high Some Scars on left wrist Produced by being Poisond[1] a small scar on the uper lip Born free Same Court
62 Lucinda Rideout 14 Black 5 feet 3 Inches high Born free Same Court
63 Patsy Rideout 9 Black 4 feet high a black Spot on the right hand Born free Same Court
64 Elizabeth Marn 19th Mulatto 5 feet & 1/2 Inche high black hair & eyes large scar on the right arm Born free 5th  July 1830 by a Cerifte from Franklin Court
65 Thomas Going 24 Dark 5 feet 7 Inches high —- 5th July 1830 by a Cerifte from Cumberland County
66 Betsy Cooper —- 20 Bright


Five feet 51/2 Inches high Born free A scar on right cheek & right arm Registered from a Certifte of the Huntings Court of Lenchburg[2]
67 John Black 30 Same 6 feet 2 or 3 Inches high Same October Court 1830 a scar on the right Leg and black hair
68 Celia Black the wife of John Black 25 Bright Black 5 feet 3 or 4 Inches high with Two small children Same October Court 1830
69 Patrick Jamison 24 Black Five feet 4 or 5 Inches high Same Same Court



Date:             1829-1830

Subject:        Registry of Botetourt County’s Free Black Population

Author:        Unknown

Keywords:   1800s, Free Black Registry, Black, Cooper, Going, Jamison, Marn, Rideout, Emancipated, Born free

Summary:    Part of the Botetourt County collection of free black registries, this document was written from 1829 to 1830 and records information concerning the areas free black population. The registry lists the individual’s name, age, color, stature, how and when they gained freedom, their number within the registry, and when they were registered.

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[1]Poisond an abbreviation for being poisoned.

[2]Lenchburg is probably a misspelling of the county of Lynchburg, Virginia.