70 Betsy Earley 28 Bright Mulatto 5 feet 9 inches high No marks perceivable Same —- July Court 1831
71 Mahhalu Earley 25 Same 5 feet 7 Inches high no marks perceivable Same —- Same Court
72 Elijah Nelson —- 23 Black 6 feet high Strait a Scar above the left Elbow occasioned by a Cut with an {axe} no other marks Same November Court 1831
73 Simon Bannister 21 Bright Black 5 feet 6 or 7 Inches high no marks perceivable Same Same Court (and received in July 1841[1])
74 Patterson Shepherd 21 Do[2] IncliningTo a Yellow 5 feet 9 or 10 Inches high with a Scar on the right arm below the Elbow occasioned by a burn with various scars on the neck no other marks perceivable Same Same Court
75 John Couzins —- 21 Black 5 feet 7 or 8 Inches high a Scar on the right leg Caused by a burn no other marks perceivable Same August July Court 1832
76 David Cooper 40 Black 5 feet 4 Inches high augt. 18.th1833 registered from a Certificate of the clerk of Caroline County Court
77 Thomas Scott 20 Bright Mulatto 5 feet 3 Inches high a Scar on the left thumb no other marks perceivable Born free December Court 1833




 Date:             1831-1833, possibly after 1841

Subject:       Registry of Botetourt County’s Free Black Population

Author:        Unknown

Keywords:   1800s, Free Black Registry, Bannister, Cooper, Couzins, Earley, Nelson, Scott, Shepherd, Emancipated, Born free

Summary:    Part of the Botetourt County collection of free black registries, this document was written most likely written during 1831 to 1833. However, it is possible this registry was written sometime after 1841, the document records information concerning the Botetourt areas free black population. The registry lists the individual’s name, age, color, stature, how and when they gained freedom, their number within the registry, and when they were registered.

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[1]1841: it is possible that this could be a mistake by the writer of these documents, as this is the only instance in which 1841 is listed within the available Botetourt County free black registries. Because each of the registries from 1809 until 1836 have consecutively listed registry numbers, it is doubtful that this specific document comes from a different collection.

[2]Do an abbreviation for ditto.