86 Henrietta Maxwell 21 bright Mulatto 5 feet 7 Inches high Straight black hair No Marks or Scars perceivable Born free Registered by order Court October Term 1835
87 Isaac Freeman 55 bright black 5 feet 8 Inches high farmer by Occupation no Scars or Marks perceivable —- Registered by Order Court November Term 1835
88 John Cowins 46 Dark Complexion about 5 feet 7 Inches high Born free as per Certifte from the Clerk of Fluvanna County Registered 5th December 1835 from a Copy of Register from Fluvaanna County Court
89 Eliza Bannister 18 Bright Mulatto about 5 feet 2 Inches high no Scars or Marks perceivable Born free Registered by order Court March Term 1836
90 George Jackson 31 Bright Complexion Son of Berry Jackson & Betsy his wife 5 feet 71/4 Inches high has a scar on the under lip produced by a Cut Born free in Charlotte County 9th June 1836 By a Certificate from Charlotte County
91 Daniel Pegee 39 Dark Mulatto five feet eight Inches high, a Barber by trade a Scar over the left eye produced by a cut


free a per copy of Judgement of Court of appeals 9th June 1836 Decree dated the 22nd  of June 1811
92 Judy Pegee 28 bright Mulatto five feet 2 or 3 Inches high, little finger on the right hand Crooked Born free 9th  June 1836




Date:             1835-1836

Subject:        Registry of Botetourt County’s Free Black Population

Author:        Unknown

Keywords:   1800s, Free Black Registry, Bannister, Cousins, Freeman, Jackson, Maxwell, Pegee, Emancipated, Born free

Summary:     Part of the Botetourt County collection of free black registries, this document was written from 1835 to 1836 and records information concerning the areas free black population. The registry lists the individual’s name, age, color, stature, how and when they gained freedom, their number within the registry, and when they were registered.

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