Botetourt Court document demanding payment of debts

picture 1Doc. BCHR190a


picture 2


Doc. BCHR190b

GEORGE the Third, by the Grace of GOD, of GREAT BRITAIN,
FRANCE, and IRELAND, King, Defender of the Faith, &c. To the Sheriff
of Botetourt County, Greeting. We command you that you
take Joshua McCormack
if he be found within your Bailiwick , and him safely keep, so that
you have his Body before the Justices of our said County Court, at the
Court-House of our said County, on the second Tuesday in January
March next to satisfy Robert Read two pounds seventeen shillings
which he late in our said court hath Recovered against
him for Debt also one hundred and thirty nine pounds
of Tobo and seven shillings and six pence which to the
said Robert in the same court were adjudged for his
costs by him in that behalf expended
whereof the said Joshua is convict, as appears to us, of
Record. And have then there this Writ. Witness John May
Cleck of our said Court-House aforesaid, the Eighteenth
Day of December in the eleventh Year of our Reign.

John May [Signature]
[[End Page]]
[[Begin Page

Read } Case
vs }

{Kept off with}
Gun & sword

Memo this Exeou is to be Discharged by the
Paimt of on pound eight shillings and six
pence with interest from the 10th Day of novr
1765 till paid and the costs
John May [signature]

DATE: November 10, 1765
SUBJECT: Court document demanding pay
AUTHOR: John May
KEYWORDS: Botetourt, Joshua McCormack, Robert Read, John May, Read vs McCormack
SUMMARY: Court document for the Sheriff of Botetourt to find Joshua McCormack and have him pay two pounds seventeen shillings and one hundred thirtynine pounds of Tabacco to Robert Read.


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