Divorce Document





And now so it is may it please your Worships that thesd[1]. William

Campbell her Husband combining and confederating to & with

divers Persons unknown to your Oratrix[2] whose names when

discovered your Oratrix prays may be made parties to this

Bill with apt Words to charge them how to defraud your

Oratrix of her Maintenance & Living, sometimes pretending

& giving out in Speeches that he has a Right to beat &

abuse your Oratrix in the Manner before mentioned. All

which Actings & Doings are contrary to Equity & good

Conscience & lend to the manifest Wong Injury & Oppresion

of your Oratrix. In tender Consideration whereof and for that

your Oratrix is remidiless by the strict Rules of common

Law & only & property relievable in a Court of Equity be

fore your Worships where Matters of this Nature are properly

cognizable. To the End therefore that thesd. William

Campbell her Husband may upon his corporal Oath full

true & perfect Answer make to all & singular the premisses

as if the same were here again repeated & interrogated &

that he may set forth & discover Whether he is not the

Husband of your Oratrix. Whether he is not possessed

of a considerable Estate & according to the present Value

of Property how much & to what amount. And that he

may be obliged by a Decree of this worshipfull Court

to allow your Oratrix a spherate Maintenance out of

& in Proportion to his Estate, and that this worship

full Court would allow her some Provision for her



Date:              unknown; probably around 1779


Subject:        Divorce documents between William and Elizabeth Campbell


Author:         unknown


Keywords:    William Campbell, Elizabeth Campbell, divorce, alimony, Botetourt County


Summary:      A list of grievances between the Oratrix, Elizabeth Campbell, and her Husband, William Campbell. These documents are proposing that alimony be paid to Elizabeth.


[1] The said


[2] Oratrix



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