Campbell Divorce Collection

This is a group of court documents detailing the divorce of Elizabeth and William Campbell, residents of Botetourt County.

Elizabeth Campbell sued her husband William for divorce. The Bill of Chancery contains her claims for the suit. The basis for her lawsuit was adultery and spousal violence that negatively affected her mental state.

On October 6, 1778, the court summoned William Campbell to respond to the Bill of Chancery made against him by his wife Elizabeth.

William responded to the summons on March 11, 1779. He argued that he should not be required to pay Elizabeth a separate maintenance on grounds of unfulfilled wifely duties and adultery on Elizabeth’s part.

In the subsequent Articles of Agreement of April 23, 1779, both William and Elizabeth Campbell agree to the Court’s ruling concerning the division of property. William Campbell agrees to release Elizabeth from her duties as a wife. In return, Elizabeth relinquishes her right of Dower. William agrees to pay Elizabeth a separate maintenance based on the value of his estate as determined by justices of the court. Elizabeth was awarded one-fifth of the estate in three separate payments.