Free Negroes &Registered in the Clerks Office of Botetourt County

No[1] Names Years



Colour Stature & By whom & what court

emancipated or Born free

date of Register & Occurences
1 Amy (alias Amy Jones} 40 dark Brown 5 feet two Inches by Judgement of Bedford Court }

in March 1790 —-

Registered 28th July 1802by a Certificate from Bedford Court dated 11th July 1801
2 Pheobe —- 23 Black —- 5 feet Six Inches Born free —- registered 28th July 1802 by a certificate from Issac Otey Justice of Peace for the County of Bedford of the affidavit of Mary Neal & John Neal dated 26th July 1802
3 Hannah —- 22 dark Brown 5 feet 2 Inches Born free —- the Same as next above
4 Sylvia —- 20 Dark Brown 5 feet 3 Inches Born free —- the Same as next above
5 Rachel Nelson 37 Black —- 5 feet 2 Inches by Edwd[2] Michell in Botetourt Court           1802

2nd of August ^ by Certificate from Clerk of Botetourt

6 Frank —- 55 Black —- 5 feet 9 Inches —- By John Shirely Berkly Court 7th of August 1802 by Copy Emancipation Bill under Seal of Berkly County
7 Fanny Gowen[3] 20 a Dark Mulatto 5 feet four Inches Born free 14th Augt[4] 1805 Certificate free clk[5] of Henrico Registrar the 3dday of Febry[6] 1806
8 Diana Jones —- 20 a Black Woman 5 feet 3 Inches a

Scar on the back of her right hand & one on the end of her midale

Finger of the left —

Born free Bedford 23d Januy[7] 1809 certified from clerk of Bedford, registered here the 22d May 1809
9 Lucinda Jones —- 19 a Black woman 5 feet 1 1/2 an inch the scar of a burn on the right thumb Born free Bedford Certified from clerk of Bedford 23d Jany 1809- registered her 22d May 1809
10 Will Stoneham 31 a light Mulatto man 6 feet high the fingers of his left hand contracted

by abuse


 by George Stoneham in Amhurst Court —– The 16th of March by Certificate from Clerk of Amhurst Court dated

–missing– 1806


Date:             1809

Subject:        Registry of Botetourt County’s Free Black Population

Author:        Unknown

Keywords:   1809, Free Black Registry, Gowen, Jones, Nelson, Stoneham.

Summary:    One of Botetourt County’s free black registries, this registry is highly detailed compared to those in the collection that were written prior to 1809. This registry records an individual’s age, color, stature, source of freedom, and date of registration.

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[1]No  an abbreviation for number.

[2]Edwd an abbreviation for Edward.

[3]Fanny Gowen (1785-?) http://www.genealogy.com/forum/surnames/topics/melungeon/17926/

[4]Augt an abbreviation for August.

[5]Clk an abbreviation for clerk.

[6]Febry an abbreviation for February.

[7]Januy an abbreviation for January.