Town of Fincastle Prison Bounds Map Date Unkown




[[image-hand drawn map]]

Prison bounds


Compass in top right corner showing North is to the right

Starting from top left corner of dotted line and going clockwise:

Building labelled Earleys house

N 28 ½ E 14

S 83 W 4

N 8 W3, building labelled Jail

N 36 E 7 ½

Building labelled clerks office

N 38 E 34

N 17 E 21

Building labelled Church on same line as N 83 E 2 ½

S 76 E 19

A Spring is labelled in bottom right corner with a drawing of the spring branch [shows landmark]

A building labelled Manhet House along same line as S 8 W 36

Tree is drawn in bottom left corner [shows landmark]

Ends with S 83 ½ W 49



Date:             Unknown; Most likely before 1800

Subject:        Map of Prison Bounds in Town of Fincastle, Botetourt County, Virginia

Author:        Unknown

Keywords:   Botetourt County, Prison Bounds, Manhet House, Earley’s House

Summary:     This document is a map of the prison bounds in the Town of Fincastle in Botetourt County. It is most likely done before 1800 because of the same map in Doc.BCHR171a shows an extension to the bounds, and it was written in 1800.