Subpoena of William Campbell





____}      Th.o[1] Cathy

Vs       }


Not Ex.d[2]

Ro[3] Woods


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The commonwealth of Virginia To the Sherif of Botetourt

County Greeting We command you that you

Summon William Campbell[4] to appear bifore

the Justices of our Court of our said County

at the Court House on the Second Tuesday

in next month then and there to answer a

Bill in Chancery[5] exhibited against him by

Elizabeth Campbell And this he shall in no wise

Omit under the penalty of one hundred Pounds &

have then there this {will} witness David May Clerk

of Our said Court at the Court House afores.d[6]

this Sixth Day of October in the Third Year of

the Commonwealth


David May [Signature]






Date:             1779

Subject:       Summons for William Campbell

Author:       David May

Keywords:  David May, William Campbell, Elizabeth Campbell, Thomas Cathy, Robert Woods, Botetourt County, Summon, Bill of Chancery

Summary:     This is one of several court document detailing the divorce of Elizabeth and WIlliam Campbell. In this document, this a summons by the courthouse for William Campbell to respond to a Bill of Chancery made against him by Elizabeth Campbell. This document was signed by David May, clerk of Botetourt Courthouse.


[1]Th.o is an abbreviation of Thomas.


[2] Ex.d is the abbreviation for examined.


[3] Ro is an abbreviation for Robert


[4] Campbell, William- Possible of three separate William Campbells information page:


[5] Bill of Chancery- Chancery suits are initiated by a bill (bill of complaint or injunction) which outlines the plaintiff’s grievances against the defendant.


[6] Afores.d is the abbreviation for aforesaid.


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